Bow Bracelet Acrylic Large Bow Cuff Bracelets

2013, bows started popping up all over the runways . bows have made a popular reappearance this season for fashion jewelry and fashion accessories .

This acrylic large bow cuff bracelet is a part of our loves collection. the larg bow tie cuff are classy and sophisticated, with a hint of playful, girlish charm.

Large bow cuff bracelet acrylic

This acrylic bow bracelet features a cuff design with an extra large bow tie in the center. The Bow Size is in 2.95*0.59 Inches

black large bow cuff bracelet acrylic

The acrylic bow bracelet Cuff Diameter is 2.56 Inches

black bow cuff bracelet arcylic

black bow bracelet cuff acrylic

The Bangle Cuff Acrylic Bow Bracelet needs to be put on from the side of the wrist and not squeezed together or pulled apart because of its brittle nature.


7 bright color are available : Black , White ,Blue ,Pink ,Purple ,Red and fuchsia .


Large White Bow Cuff Bracelet Acrylic

acrylic bow tie cuff bracelet white

Acrylic Pink Bow Cuff Bracelet Large

large pink bow tie cuff bracelet

Acrylic Purple Bow Tie Cuff Bracelet Large

purple acrylic bow tie cuff bracelet

acrylic blue bow arm cuff bracelet

Red Bow Bracelet, Acrylic large bow tie cuff bracelet

acrylic red bow arm cuff bracelet large

Fuchsia Large Bowknot Cuff Bracelet Large


fuchsia acrylic bow tie cuff bracelet

Acrylic Large Bow Cuff Bracelet Blue



Bow bracelet , With all this fierce fashion that we’ve been seeing around the streets , it’s about time for some sweet, sultry, cutesy styles to start popping up! only 4.95usd from


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