How To Get More Styles From A Pearl Charm Chiffon Bracelets

i believe every women like to make as many looks from one piece of jewelry that they can , It is just the nature of the beast . Me too !

Here , I share a few simple tip can help you wear chiffon bracelets with plenty of style and panache.

This gorgeous multi charm chiffon bracelet is a chic summer adornment. The bracelet features a chiffon intertwined gold chain & fabric design with pearl, crystal and charm detailing. the chiffon adding the popular chain patterns inspired by Hermes .Chiffon bracelet is in 39 3/8Inches Length.


The ways to wear the chiffon bracelets

As a bracelet



As a headband





As a armband


As A Necklace


As A Belt


As a anklet



This pearl charm chiffon bracelet is only 4.95usd from okajewelry ! It’s a perfect gift for this summer, i’m going to be wearing in so many ways and it’s perfect for taking with you to those festivals this summer!


Summer Jewelry Trends – Coral Beaded Bracelets

In summer, the metal Jewelry is easy to oxidation and change colors in salt water and chlorinated pools .specially bracelet ,beacuse wrist is sweat easily in summer But you can add some coral bracelet to enhance outfit.

Whether your style tends toward fancy or funky, coral jewelry is a great summer accessory. also it safe for the salt water.

The following are my collection of coral beaded stretch bracelet.

Rose Charm Red Coral Bracelet Beaded Stretch



Red Coral Sea Star Charm Bracelet Stretch


Red Coral Bead Bracelet Turtle Charm Stretch


This red coral charm bracelet is about collect sea-inspired . sea star ,turtle add them into jewelry designs. It’s like a visual treat on a warm summer day. it conjures up images of the ocean and beach .

Red Rose Coral Freindship Bracelet Braided


Red Coral And Turquoise Rose Charm Bracelet


Turquoise, fresh color , lively and full of positivity added with a splash of coral for excitement can add spice to any summer outfit.

Rose Flower Double Wrap Coral Stretch Bracelet



Bright red coral jewellery looks rather attractive as coral is naturally found in red and pink colors. Not just red but all of the bright ones look like a charm.

These coral bracelets are super Light weight and cheap .ready to be worn with everything !

Chan LUU Style Beaded Wrap Bracelets

Wrap bracelets have been a hot look since 2012 . With its casual, natural feel, the wrapped leather bracelet is a shoe-in for spring & summer accessorizing .

I believe many people like me , really like beaded wrap bracelets or I should say “I still like beaded wrap bracelets”. Chan Luu was the first to really make them popular and since then, many have followed in her beaded wrap bracelet footsteps. In my opinion, her col­lec­tion is beau­ti­ful and super inspir­ing !

Here, okajewelry sells great wrap bracelets at a much more afford­able price, chan luu style beaded wrap bracelets .  just only 4.95usd -6.95usd !

Handmade Crystal Beaded Wrap Bracelets



Full Length: 23.62 Inches and Width : 0.24 Inch



crystal beaded wrap bracelets come in 9 color : Black , Red , Green ,Golden , Purple ,White ,Grey, Bronze , Multicolor



Turquoise Beaded Wrap Bracelet Handmade


Handmade Beaded Wrap Bracelet Silver


Mix Turquoise Beaded Wrap Bracelet Leather Handmade


Seed Beads Wrap Bracelet Handmade


Stamped Beads Mix Crystal Wrap Bracelet Stretch


Handmade Multi Beaded Wrap Bracelet Pink


As Spring rolls in, my obsession with bracelets increases and beaded wrap bracelets are being featured everywhere! They are the friendship bracelet of the season. You get the color, and the sparkle.

Adjustable PU Leather Bow Bracelet Snakeskin Bow Wristband Bracelet

There are few symbols more flirty and feminine than the bow. maybe there is a way to rock a bow to fit your style — Adjustable PU Leather Bow Bracelet Snakeskin .



This Snap Leather Bracelet features faux snakeskin leather wristband decorated with a big gold plated bow knot. Crafted of quality PU leather, the Snakeskin PU Bow Wristband Snap Leather Bracelet is designed with double snap fasteners to offer you adjustable fit.



The Snakeskin PU leather has a moto feel but the leather bow decorated by golden alloy is complete girly prettiness. PU leather and hard alloy can create strong visual effects .thereby creating a different flavor of fashion.



The Bow Wristband PU Leather Bracelet is 8.46*1.20 Inches in Band Size . And the Bow Size is 1.77 * 1.18 Inches



There are 3 color available : Fuchsia , Brown and Grey ,only 6.95usd !


We love the high-low mix of these brightly colored leather cuffs bracelet , suit for daily wear !

Bow Bracelet Acrylic Large Bow Cuff Bracelets

2013, bows started popping up all over the runways . bows have made a popular reappearance this season for fashion jewelry and fashion accessories .

This acrylic large bow cuff bracelet is a part of our loves collection. the larg bow tie cuff are classy and sophisticated, with a hint of playful, girlish charm.

Large bow cuff bracelet acrylic

This acrylic bow bracelet features a cuff design with an extra large bow tie in the center. The Bow Size is in 2.95*0.59 Inches

black large bow cuff bracelet acrylic

The acrylic bow bracelet Cuff Diameter is 2.56 Inches

black bow cuff bracelet arcylic

black bow bracelet cuff acrylic

The Bangle Cuff Acrylic Bow Bracelet needs to be put on from the side of the wrist and not squeezed together or pulled apart because of its brittle nature.


7 bright color are available : Black , White ,Blue ,Pink ,Purple ,Red and fuchsia .


Large White Bow Cuff Bracelet Acrylic

acrylic bow tie cuff bracelet white

Acrylic Pink Bow Cuff Bracelet Large

large pink bow tie cuff bracelet

Acrylic Purple Bow Tie Cuff Bracelet Large

purple acrylic bow tie cuff bracelet

acrylic blue bow arm cuff bracelet

Red Bow Bracelet, Acrylic large bow tie cuff bracelet

acrylic red bow arm cuff bracelet large

Fuchsia Large Bowknot Cuff Bracelet Large


fuchsia acrylic bow tie cuff bracelet

Acrylic Large Bow Cuff Bracelet Blue



Bow bracelet , With all this fierce fashion that we’ve been seeing around the streets , it’s about time for some sweet, sultry, cutesy styles to start popping up! only 4.95usd from

Hermes Collier de Chien Cuff bracelet and Hollywood Stars

The Hermès Collier De Chien (CDC) has been an ‘it’ item for years and recently experienced a new boom in popularity.2012 , the Collier de chien bracelet were particular successes ! Getting many famous hollywood stars’ favor .

The Hermès CDC , spotted on many celebrities, exudes an air of confidence and distinct style.

Lady gaga and hermes collier de chien (CDC) cuff bracelet

Katie Holmes Hermes Collier de Chien Cuff Bracelet

Actress Katie Holmes was spotted out and about in New York City keeping her style real simple for the summer. She spiced up her relaxed fit by wearing a Hermes Collier de Chien cuff bracelet in black leather and gold hardware.

Victoria Beckham and hermes collier de chien (CDC) bracelet
Victoria Beckham accessorized her black ensemble with gold Hermes Collier de Chien bracelet. fully shows that how CDC can make a fashion statement too in Black attire!

kelly rutherford and hermes collier de chien cuff bracelet

luna maya and Hermes collier de chien (CDC)bracelet

jennifer lopez and hermes collier de chien cuff-bracelet
Jennifer Lopez wears her Hermes CDC Bracelet by stacking two of them together

Jessica Alba and Hermès Collier de Chien Barenia
Jessica Alba likes to wears the Hermès Collier de Chien Cuff bracelet with casual .

kate lanphear and Hermes Collier de Chien Cuff bracelet

Adored by everyone from Victoria Beckham to Lady Gaga, there is no doubt in our mind that the Collier de chien is deserving of its very special status. But , but ….were not affordable for the ordinary people. I found other cuff bracelet inspired partially by the Hermes CDC Cuff bracelet. only 7.95usd !

Pyramid Studded Leather Cuff Bracelet wide


This punk style leather bracelet features a wide leather band with five pyramid studs details.The adjustable leather bracelet is crafted in gold plated alloy and PU leather with adjustable double snap closures.


The PU leather use Leopard print or Snake print . four color are availabe : Leopard print Grey , snak print grey ,snak print brown , snake print fuchsia


Studs Rivets Bracelet inspirated from kate Lanphear

Kate Lanphear is the style director of Elle USA who often styled punk chic. Kate has a huge fans around world and has inspired numerous blogs that follow her punky style.

I really dig the way she combines elements of 80s glam rock with a modern edge to create a unique look that is hard core. She just looks tough, but with her soft features, it works. Her signature items: black leather, crucifixes, stacks of rings ,multiple bracelets .Among that maybe you noticed that Studs and rivets are Important elements of Kate Lanphear’s punk fashion . everywhere at the moment and frankly.

punk fashion style of Kate Lanphear

punk fashion style of Kate Lanphear

Personally speaking , While reading the May issue of ELLE, I was immediately drawn to her edgy and punk rock multiple bracelets , mixed with studs and rivets style . I have some punk bracelets inspirated from kate , let me show …

punk style bracelet -- Spike Rivets stretch bracelets

punk style bracelet — Spike Rivets stretch bracelets

This punk bracelet features spike rivets alternating with white rhinestones set in floral bezels. the Punk Spike Rivets Bracelet is crafted of highly polished gunmetal over alloy. The spike rivets bracelet comes with double strands of quality elastic, easy slip-on styling for your comfort.

punk style stud wrap bracelets

This wrap bracelet features a single PU strap with punk inspired round studs alternating with rhinestones. The Stud wrap bracelet closes with a buckle closure for custom fit.


The studs wrap bracelet PU comes in many brightness color , i think ,stackable fully  show off punk style  .



Which better than leather bracelet to fit the cold winter ?  Without doubt !  the  studded leather bracelets is both androgynous and glamourous.

A strong studded , rivets accessories can be worn with a feminine dress for a stylish blend of feminine and rock.  Btw , all of my collection are high quality at great price (under 10usd10.00) from okajewelry . haha ~~ !!! , Next ,  i will continue to share more punk style bracelet .pls keep focus on my blog . thanks~!