Chan LUU Style Beaded Wrap Bracelets

Wrap bracelets have been a hot look since 2012 . With its casual, natural feel, the wrapped leather bracelet is a shoe-in for spring & summer accessorizing .

I believe many people like me , really like beaded wrap bracelets or I should say “I still like beaded wrap bracelets”. Chan Luu was the first to really make them popular and since then, many have followed in her beaded wrap bracelet footsteps. In my opinion, her col­lec­tion is beau­ti­ful and super inspir­ing !

Here, okajewelry sells great wrap bracelets at a much more afford­able price, chan luu style beaded wrap bracelets .  just only 4.95usd -6.95usd !

Handmade Crystal Beaded Wrap Bracelets



Full Length: 23.62 Inches and Width : 0.24 Inch



crystal beaded wrap bracelets come in 9 color : Black , Red , Green ,Golden , Purple ,White ,Grey, Bronze , Multicolor



Turquoise Beaded Wrap Bracelet Handmade


Handmade Beaded Wrap Bracelet Silver


Mix Turquoise Beaded Wrap Bracelet Leather Handmade


Seed Beads Wrap Bracelet Handmade


Stamped Beads Mix Crystal Wrap Bracelet Stretch


Handmade Multi Beaded Wrap Bracelet Pink


As Spring rolls in, my obsession with bracelets increases and beaded wrap bracelets are being featured everywhere! They are the friendship bracelet of the season. You get the color, and the sparkle.


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