Summer Jewelry Trends – Coral Beaded Bracelets

In summer, the metal Jewelry is easy to oxidation and change colors in salt water and chlorinated pools .specially bracelet ,beacuse wrist is sweat easily in summer But you can add some coral bracelet to enhance outfit.

Whether your style tends toward fancy or funky, coral jewelry is a great summer accessory. also it safe for the salt water.

The following are my collection of coral beaded stretch bracelet.

Rose Charm Red Coral Bracelet Beaded Stretch



Red Coral Sea Star Charm Bracelet Stretch


Red Coral Bead Bracelet Turtle Charm Stretch


This red coral charm bracelet is about collect sea-inspired . sea star ,turtle add them into jewelry designs. It’s like a visual treat on a warm summer day. it conjures up images of the ocean and beach .

Red Rose Coral Freindship Bracelet Braided


Red Coral And Turquoise Rose Charm Bracelet


Turquoise, fresh color , lively and full of positivity added with a splash of coral for excitement can add spice to any summer outfit.

Rose Flower Double Wrap Coral Stretch Bracelet



Bright red coral jewellery looks rather attractive as coral is naturally found in red and pink colors. Not just red but all of the bright ones look like a charm.

These coral bracelets are super Light weight and cheap .ready to be worn with everything !


Handmade Red Coral Stretch Bracelet

Over the years coral jewelry has appeared on the jewelry market, and become more and more popular !

coral is a beautiful gem that comes from the depths of the sea. Similar in structure to pearls but strikingly different in appearance, coral brings the romance of the ocean into the lives of jewelry lovers everywhere. The distinguishing characteristic of corals is their durable and intensely colored red or pink skeleton, which is used for making jewelry . This versatile gem offers a touch of elegance to any ensemble and also makes a fabulous gift. Coral jewelry — necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more — makes a beautiful addition to any wardrobe.

Here , okajewelry released some kinds handmade coral stretch bracelet .

Red Coral Multi Charm Bracelet

red coral rose multi charm stretch bracelet

Red Coral And Turquoise Rose Charm Bracelet

handmade red coral rose charm stretch bracelet

Red Coral And Turquoise Pear Charm Bracelet

red coral teadrop charm bracelet

Red Coral Rose Charm Bracelet

handmade red coral rose charm streth bracelet

Red Coral Sea Star Charm Bracelet

red coral starfish charm stretch bracelet