Crystal Interlocking Circle Hinged Cuff Bracelet

The crystal cuff is inspired by Chanel’s logo ,the simple design show women‘s noble and elegant temperament .

 two Circle Hinged Cuff Bracelet

Three rows of rhinestones wrap elegantly around one another in this stylish interpretation of the circle of life cuff bracelet. sparkling in the sunlight and dazzle the eyes.

Interlocking Circle Hinged Cuff Bracelet

The double interlocking circle hinged cuff bracelet is crafted in 14k plated gold over alloy and is buffed to a brilliant shine.

Double crystal circle cuff

In various places when there are elegant, wearing the circle hinge bracelet and noble character will always show.

Double crystal circle hinged cuff

Buy the rhinestones two circle cuff bracelet only 6.95usd from okajewelry, The sparkling classic circle cuff is my top suggestion for a christmas jewellery gift which would add a touch of sparkle to your Christmas giving this year.

14k gold two circle bracelet


Stackable Mesh Interwoven Stretch Bracelets

To accessory a style outfit, you will surely need some bold color fashion jewelry to add some sweet and whimsy touch. The Mesh Interwoven Stretch Bracelets  is a good choice !

Dsigned in bold bright color, this trendy stretch bracelet features an unique creation of interwovening stainless metal in a mesh and hinged design. With a quality elastic inside, this stretch bracelet fits most of the wrist.

This Mesh Interwoven Stretch Bangle Bracelet is very stylish and comfortable to wear.Play a color clash with this mesh design interwoven stretch bracelet.With it’s ability to stretch and contour to the shape of your wrist makes it very easy to take on and off, but not easy to fall off.

This style has a very unique and beautiful look, and can be worn at any occasion. Can be worn individually or or stacked together with other colors. depending on your mood. Very popular ! affordable  price ,only usd2.95 from okajewelry

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Bangle vs Bracelet

Most common in terms of Fashion Accessories are Bangles and Bracelets. But wait, is there any difference at all between these two? Most of the time, people make the mistake of interchanging the use of these two words. Etymologically speaking, “bracelet” and “bangle” are entirely different terms. Bangle actually came from the Hindu word bangri that means “ring shaped anklet or bracelet.” On the other hand, bracelet came from brachialle, a term in Middle French that means “armlet.”

what’ the different between a bangle and a bracelet ?

For me,a bangle is a type of bracelet. the most important difference is that a bangle is usually a stiff circular bracelet, often people wear more than one on their wrist. It can be silver or gold ,but equally it can be made of plastic or wood or cheaper metals. (A particular fashion with young people from time to time, who wear dozens).

Stainless steel crystal bangles 

A bracelet is perhaps a more general term for jewellery worn on the arm, but for me it denotes a more precious piece of jewellery, and can be a solid piece of metal (gold silver etc) or links / chain.

CZ  link Bracelets











Turquoise link Bracelet

Multi-strand Crystal Beaded bracelets

source from : okajewelry

Multi Row Crystal Stainless Steel Bangle Bracelet

This bangle bracelet is stunning and beautiful ! the stainless steel bracelet is paved with multi row dazzling crystals. Pretty and dazzling !  The Rhinstones stainless steel bangle provide fashion colors that come in pink, peridot,white,blue ,orange,emerald ,pink …. and so on .

crystal stainless steel bangle bracelets

A fashion way to wear these are stacked with the multi row Crystal Stainless Steel Bangle.It is an exquisite piece to show shine.

A Great gift idea for any woman who likes to shine. Why not buy several for yourself too! okajewelry offer these crystal bangle bracelet at an affordable price ! also offer diferent rows /lays crystal bangles come in 3-rows ,4-rows ,5-rows and 7rows .

crystal stainless steel bangle bracelets

Handmade Red Coral Stretch Bracelet

Over the years coral jewelry has appeared on the jewelry market, and become more and more popular !

coral is a beautiful gem that comes from the depths of the sea. Similar in structure to pearls but strikingly different in appearance, coral brings the romance of the ocean into the lives of jewelry lovers everywhere. The distinguishing characteristic of corals is their durable and intensely colored red or pink skeleton, which is used for making jewelry . This versatile gem offers a touch of elegance to any ensemble and also makes a fabulous gift. Coral jewelry — necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more — makes a beautiful addition to any wardrobe.

Here , okajewelry released some kinds handmade coral stretch bracelet .

Red Coral Multi Charm Bracelet

red coral rose multi charm stretch bracelet

Red Coral And Turquoise Rose Charm Bracelet

handmade red coral rose charm stretch bracelet

Red Coral And Turquoise Pear Charm Bracelet

red coral teadrop charm bracelet

Red Coral Rose Charm Bracelet

handmade red coral rose charm streth bracelet

Red Coral Sea Star Charm Bracelet

red coral starfish charm stretch bracelet

Vintage Flower Hinged Cuff Bracelet

One thing you will see a great deal of this season is flowers. Flowers are making a HUGE presence in jewelry this year and Fashion Jewelry Spring 2012 brings us lovely colors blooming with glorious flowered styles.

You can wear a bouquet around your wrist with this beautiful and unusual rhinestone flower hinged bracelet.

Made of oxidized antique brass, this enchanting amethyst cuff bracelet features a superb flower design with sparkling rhinestones and faceted plexiglass stones accent. The textured petals and vines define a vintage tone for this hinged bracelet. For a look that is as unique as it is gorgeous, you’ll want to reach for this vintage-inspired bracelet every time. Five color available !

 Bracelet Information
 Metal   Antique Brass Effect Metal
 Weight   63.2g
 Diameter   63.0mm
 Width   60.0mm

Vintage Rhinestone Butterfly Hinged Cuff Bracelet

if you love butterflies then you will love this vintage butterfly hinged cuff bracelet.

The hinged cuff bracelet features a hugh butterfly encrusted with sparkling blue and aqua colored rhinestones, Exquisitely crafted in oval size rhodium plated frames.This rhodium plated opens in the side and is designed to fit most wrists.

The hinged detail makes this vintage cuff not only a beautiful decoration but fit your wrist well.A bold vintage inspired cuff bracelet makes a wonderful gift for someone special.

Three colors are available :

Jet Hematite Rhinestones Butterfly Hinged Cuff Bracelets

Jet & Crystal AB Rhinestones Butterfly Hinged Cuff Bracelets