Stackable Mesh Interwoven Stretch Bracelets

To accessory a style outfit, you will surely need some bold color fashion jewelry to add some sweet and whimsy touch. The Mesh Interwoven Stretch Bracelets  is a good choice !

Dsigned in bold bright color, this trendy stretch bracelet features an unique creation of interwovening stainless metal in a mesh and hinged design. With a quality elastic inside, this stretch bracelet fits most of the wrist.

This Mesh Interwoven Stretch Bangle Bracelet is very stylish and comfortable to wear.Play a color clash with this mesh design interwoven stretch bracelet.With it’s ability to stretch and contour to the shape of your wrist makes it very easy to take on and off, but not easy to fall off.

This style has a very unique and beautiful look, and can be worn at any occasion. Can be worn individually or or stacked together with other colors. depending on your mood. Very popular ! affordable  price ,only usd2.95 from okajewelry

ps: the last picture from


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