Bangle vs Bracelet

Most common in terms of Fashion Accessories are Bangles and Bracelets. But wait, is there any difference at all between these two? Most of the time, people make the mistake of interchanging the use of these two words. Etymologically speaking, “bracelet” and “bangle” are entirely different terms. Bangle actually came from the Hindu word bangri that means “ring shaped anklet or bracelet.” On the other hand, bracelet came from brachialle, a term in Middle French that means “armlet.”

what’ the different between a bangle and a bracelet ?

For me,a bangle is a type of bracelet. the most important difference is that a bangle is usually a stiff circular bracelet, often people wear more than one on their wrist. It can be silver or gold ,but equally it can be made of plastic or wood or cheaper metals. (A particular fashion with young people from time to time, who wear dozens).

Stainless steel crystal bangles 

A bracelet is perhaps a more general term for jewellery worn on the arm, but for me it denotes a more precious piece of jewellery, and can be a solid piece of metal (gold silver etc) or links / chain.

CZ  link Bracelets











Turquoise link Bracelet

Multi-strand Crystal Beaded bracelets

source from : okajewelry


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