Shamballa Bracelets / Tresor Paris bracelet with 7 CZ Crystal balls Handmade bracelet

In recent years, Shamballa Jewels have become known for their macramé braided bracelets using 18K gold balls (or other metal balls) with precious stones. Shamballa jewelry is synonymous with tranquility, peace and enlightenment. It is well known, Shamballa Jewelry have became a new favorite trend..

The below beautiful Shamballa bracelet is made with Crystal & Hematite and black thread. The fashion Bracelet is totally made-hand. The classic and simple design always show Elegant & fashion beauty .

red Shamballa Bracelet

Available in eight colours : White , lavender ,black wine red ,red ,gold ,slive ,light blue , pink, Sapphire blue..

Shamballa bracelet Main Feature

  • CZ Bead size:   10mm
  • bead quantity:   7pcs+6pcs
  • bracelet size:  adjustable
  • Materials:  CZ Crystal & Hematite

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